Waters spring back into life

The middle stretches of the River Ouse do not seem to receive the same attention from anglers as the higher reaches yet hold some very big fish. Winston Pogmore visited a swim from where he has caught a big chub every year in recent times and, within a few minutes of casting out, he was into another big fish. It turned out to be a 6lb 8oz chub that fell for a ball of his flavoured cheese paste. Fraser Hayden fished a short session on another stretch of the middle Ouse from where he caught two chub weighing 5lbs and 5lb 3oz. Both of Fraser’s fish fell to 10mm boilies wrapped in paste.

The lakes seem to be waking up too. Nigel Cleaver fished an overnight session on Swan Lake from where he caught two fish, a 12lb mirror carp and a 10lb 4oz bream. The secret of catching big fish at this time of year seems to be to introduce a small amount of bait on a regular basis. Excessive baiting can be counter productive and frequently attracts diving ducks into baited swims where they greedily mop up the free offerings. Young Lewis Vereeque proved he has not lost his Midas touch when he landed a 10lb pike using a sprat dead bait mounted on a single hook.

The first stocking of crucian carp has been made into BHAA’s Grace Lake with the introduction of more than 400 fish. Another stocking of specimen-sized crucians and some good-sized tench is to take place next Sunday. Further stockings of other species are planned in the coming weeks with a view to opening the lake for angling from the start of the new season. In the meantime, a lot of work needs to be done in bank side clearance and construction of permanent swims in order to make this a pristine fishery.