Big carp, chub and pike caught plus Grace Lake stocking

BHAA member Alan Lawrence had a cracking day’s fishing on one of the middle stretches of the River Ouse controlled by the Association. Alan opted for cheese flavoured bread flake trotted through his swim under a float. He landed a total of fourteen chub with no fewer than seven over 5lbs and two over 6lbs, the best weighing 6lb 1oz.

Winston Pogmore decided to fish on The Riddy Nature Reserve stretch of the River Ivel in Sandy trotting a float baited with maggots on a size 16 hook. Regular feeding of the swim with a steady trickle of loose offerings soon got the fish feeding. At first, it was small dace, roach and gudgeon that fed and even the occasional minnow but then chub moved in. He caught two good fish weighing 5lb 8oz and 3lb 10oz during his short session.

Thomas Finney headed down to a stretch of the Ivel near Biggleswade for another spot of trotting. Almost immediately he landed a 5lb 4oz chub but bright sunshine brought a temporary halt to further action apart from a small jack pike. However, before setting off for home he decided to give the swim where he caught his big chub another try. He started feeding maggots and soon more big chub moved in and started feeding with abandon. He soon landed a 5lb 8oz chub and another four chub but suffered several lost fish too. His day ended with 6 chub caught with two over 4lbs and three over 5lbs plus the bonus pike.

Polish member Przemek (Prem) Cicinas has landed a hug pike from a stretch of the River Ivel near Sandy. The fish weighed 25lb 6oz and was in super condition. This is one of the largest pike reported from the river since Simon Pask’s 27 pounder caught several years ago.

Steve Bull has begun his Spring campaign at Gingerbread Lake in earnest where he has already five carp, the best weighing 35lbs. Also he landed another mirror weighing 33lbs, a 24lb common and two smaller fish. Steve said he caught his fish during both day and night times. He caught one of the first tench to be reported from the lake this year too. Bream were starting to feed too homing in on areas where anglers were introducing regular amounts of bait.

A second large stocking of crucian carp was made by AJS Fisheries into Grace Lake in readiness for the lake’s official opening in June. Over 500 fish were stocked of which over a 100 were fish over the pound mark. In addition, more than 150 sizable tench up to 4lbs were introduced at the same time.