Big pike and chub still feeding well

Barrt Fox fished at BHAA’s Sandy Lakes fishery for pike using a ledgered smelt mounted on a single No.2 hook and two swan shot to enable the bait to slowly touch bottom. He only had one take during the day but was over the moon when the fish turned out to be a 24lb 5oz specimen. Barry is convinced that the use of single hooks is far less harmful to the pike than conventional trebles and just as effective at hooking the fish.

Winston Pogmore returned to a stretch of the middle Ouse where he had caught a 6lb 8oz chub from and guess what – he caught the same fish again on the same cheese paste bait but weighing 4oz less. It seems that some of these older specimens find a spot of the river they like and call it home! Fraser Hayden fished another stretch of the middle Ouse for a short three hour session taking three chub weighing 3lb 15oz, 4lb 2oz and 4lb 10oz and missed a couple of takes too. Fraser used a boily wrapped in paste to tempt his fish.

Ollie Jenkinson has been enjoying some great fishing on a BHAA controlled stretch of the Ivel near Sandy. On recent visits he caught a 5lb 4oz chub and a 5lb bream from the venue. On another day, he fished a popular stretch of the river near Biggleswade from where he caught another 5lb chub.

Pike have been feeding well at Gingerbread Lake with anglers taking up to ten fish during a day. Carp have been more reticent to feed though but the warmer weather should see a reversal of this trend. Two new bailiffs have joined our team, Kevin Gormley and Steve Bull, both of whom will be at the lakes most days of the week and at varying times.

A number of carp have been reported being caught at Swan Lake during overnight sessions but the weights of the fish are not to hand.

The Working Party Group has drawn up a list of priority jobs to be carried out now and over the following year. For further details see the Working Parties section of the website.

Lastly, don’t forget the date of this year’s AGM which will be taking place at Biggleswade Rugby Club on Wednesday, 21st March. It is an opportunity for members to meet the club’s board members and to get answers to those burning questions first hand.