Fantastic sport on rivers as season ends while big carp start to feed at Gingerbread

Fraser Hayden fished a BHAA controlled stretch of the River Ouse but bright sunlight made bites finicky. However, in a short three hour session he still managed to catch two chub weighing 5lb 4oz and 4lb 13oz.

Winston Pogmore returned to a BHAA controlled stretch of the Ivel near Sandy from where he caught a 5lb plus chub on his previous visit. Sport started more slowly this time and, for a couple of hours, all he could catch was the odd minnow. He kept feeding his swim with breadcrumb and a trickle of maggots and put a bunch of them on to his size 16 hook. He soon landed a 3lb 10oz chub but then hooked into a really powerful fish that he thought was probably a pike. However, when he finally netted the fish it turned out to be a 6lb 15oz chub, his biggest ever chub. His friend Alan Wilkie fished the same stretch of river catching two big chub weighing 5lb 4oz and 5lb 14oz. The latter of the two chub he has caught this season on three separate occasions!

Adam Pinfold fished the Ivel near Biggleswade catching 10 chub and a big perch before his bait ran out and all from the same swim. Alan’s chub weighed 5lb 10oz, 5lb 4oz, 5lb 2oz, 6 over 4lbs and a small 3 pounder. His perch weighed exactly 2lbs. Ollie Jenkinson fished the same stretch of river catching his best ever chub, a 6lb specimen as well as another 5lb specimen. Over the last couple of weeks, Thomas Finney has been enjoying some great sport catching up to 10 chub per visit and landing his first 6lb specimen too. On his penultimate trip of the week he landed 12 chub to 5lb 7oz and a dace. When he returned to the river on his next visit he found his favourite swim taken so he found another swim lower down the river to fish. After an unsuccessful spell of ledgering he swapped to float tackle and on his first trot through the swim his float was buried beneath the surface. A long and hectic 15 minute fight ensued but at the end Thomas had a pristine 10lb barbel at his feet. The swim died shortly after catching the big barbel so he went back to his old swim that was now fee. Within an hour, he landed 5 chub all but one were over 5lbs with the best topping 6lbs.

Alan Bates has fished at Gingerbread Lake for the past year witnessing other anglers landing carp to well over 30lbs and it has been his ambition to crack this barrier. He had hooked and lost several big fish throughout the year but he finally succeeded by catching a deep bellied 33lb common carp. Alan’s fishing companion, Steve Bull, fished a short session using only a single rod but still managed to rack up another big carp, a 31lb mirror. Darren Coles caught an even bigger carp, a 37lb 8oz mirror during the week and Scott Parkin added a 26lb mirror to his New Year tally. Rob Norris fished a 48 hour session to land a 23lb common, 21lb mirror and a double figured common using a popped up boily on a ‘chod’ rig.