Hot spell does the trick!

The sudden change to above average temperatures has had a marked effect on catch results. It triggered a brief spell of spawning activity by carp at GingerbreadLake. Bailiff Kevin Gormley had been watching some big carp milling around and fired out some boilies to see if they were interested and one particular fish was soon mopping them up. He cast out his hook bait and within half an hour had a confident take. The fish turned out to be none other than the mirror carp known as ‘Cluster’ and weighed in at 44lb12oz setting a new lake record. Kevin and some other anglers have spotted another mirror carp which reckon is even larger than ‘Cluster’ but has yet to slip up. Colin Kingham caught his first 30lb plus carp from the lake whilst fishing an area of the lake which had seen plenty of carp activity in recent days. Mick Usher fished overnight in a little fished part of the lake and caught two tench over 8lbs. Several other anglers reported catching 20lb plus carp from different parts of the lake too. Some good news, the member who lost his rucksack at the lake is being reunited with it as another member reported finding it.

One member has been quietly putting some time in at the Links Pool and hit the jackpot when he landed the mirror carp nicknamed ‘The Creature‘ weighing in at a new high of 34lb 5oz. The Pool looks to have benefited from recent flooding with several other carp around 30lbs being spotted, probably escapees from Gingerbread Lake.

Carp have been spawning at Swan Lake too but not before Pete Housden was able to catch one of the lake’s larger residents, a 27lb common carp thought to be one stocked prior to the club going the fishing rights. Marc Snow caught a 24lb mirror carp from the same venue too. Mick Day returned to the lake to try to catch some more pike and he was successful in catching four fish, the best a 19lb specimen. Mick was using humble sprats as bait.

Barbel angler Adam Pinfold has been fishing at McGregor Lake on a brief morning session he had four screaming runs but did not connect with a single fish. He returned to the lake the following weeks with different rigs and hooks and, in only four hours, he had seven runs landing four carp between 9lbs and11lbs and a bream of about 4lbs. Adam was pleased to give his barbel rods a good testing before the start of the new river season as all his fish scrapped really hard. Conor Young was disappointed to lose a good carp just a few yards from the net but managed to land a 4lb bream which was little consolation for him after a nine hour session. Anglers fishing close by were all catching. One landed four carp to 14lbs and two bream using a method feeder. Another angler caught two more carp around the 10lb mark and a third angler olanded an 18lb carp to rub it in! This only spurred young Conor on and he returned to the lake a couple odf days later to catch an 11lb 4oz mirror.

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