Tench starting to feed at last

The constantly changing weather and the recent flooding of Gingerbread Lake have made it difficult to locate the lake’s big tench. Club Chairman Neil Sampson has persevered though and in his last few visits has started to get amongst them. He recently landed three tench with two of them weighing over 7lbs and, on his next visit, caught a further two, the best topping 5lbs. His latest visit produced a magnificent 8lb 12oz specimen for the Bedford angler which he caught on sweetcorn fished in conjunction with a small groundbait feeder. In addition to tench, Neil has enjoyed some action from the lake’s rudd fishing with red maggots as bait.

A new member Fevrier Sevilleno from Cherry Hinton near Cambridge has got off to a cracking start by catching the boily munching machine known as Cluster! Fevrier caught this lovely looking mirror carp weighing 43lb 11oz, a few ounces down on its previous weight when last caught. He added that the fish put up a really good fight and took him several minutes to land. The weighing was witnessed by another new member Alan Cross who took photos of the fish and who was suitably impressed. Overall, sport remains a little on the slow side with only the odd carp being caught to upper 20s. Tench and bream have been showing themselves by rolling on the surface as they get ready to start spawning.

Conor Young was fishing with his young friend Aiden Jones at McGregor Lake where he helped him to land a 12lb 5oz mirror, a nicely proportioned carp. About half an hour later Aiden’s other buzzer screamed out and he was into another fish, this time a 10lb 5oz mirror. Whilst Conor was helping him to land this fish, Conor’s own alarm sounded and he rushed back to his swim to land a 9lb 5oz mirror, his first carp of the year. Conor went on to catch another carp over 8lbs to make it a lively session for the angling duo.

The recent heavy rains have left the tracks in a poor state in places and aglers must exercise care when driving on to low-lying ground as cars have got stuck at both Gingerbread and McGregor Lakes. It has been necessary to chain off part of the track at Gingerbread Lake to prevent vehicles from making it even worse. Members wishing to fish the river side of McGregor Lake should drive around the far side of the lake and not attempt to take the short cut from the bridge on the north side.

A rucksack containing fishing equipment has been found outside the inner gate at Gingerbread Lake. If you think it may be yours, please contact Richard Holden on 07929 332879 who is holding it in safe keeping.