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Changeable weather conditions help to get the fish moving

Tench and carp were spawning again at Gingerbread Lake in the early part of the week but showed some interest in feeding. Michael Cooney caught eight bream and four mirror carp including a new personal best. His carp weighed 12lbs, 28lb 2oz, 28lb 8oz and 31lb 8oz. Andy Page has still to open his account with the lake’s carp but is not complaining as he recently caught a 10lb tench together with a couple of bream. John Murphy landed seven bream to 9lbs during a daytime visit and Kevin Webb fishing alongside him caught a 6lb tench too. Ian Warner caught three carp including one over 20lbs.

Rain mars opening of new fishery

Fraser Hayden was keen to get back on the rivers for the start of the new season and so made his way to a BHAA controlled stretch of the Ivel near Tempsford. He found the river to be fast flowing due to the recent heavy rains and so decided to fish on fishmeal boilies close to the bank. Fraser had a cracking day’s sport landing 5 good-sized chub, 2 over 3lbs, 2 over 4lbs and a 5lb specimen

Another milestone is reached at Swan Lake

The few anglers that have continued to fish at Swan Lake have been catching some great fish. Pete Housden landed three carp after fishing overnight, mirrors weighing 18lb, 14lb and 31lb 4oz. Luke Garner has caught the first common carp to weigh over 30lbs from the lake, a 30lb 2oz lump. It appears the carp are not yet fully spawned out so are carrying extra pounds at the moment.

Alan pleads with fish to leave him alone!

Pete Housden landed a spectacular looking 23lb 14oz fully-scaled mirror carp whilst fishing at Swan Lake in addition to a 27lb 2oz common carp (reported last week) and two other big mirrors weighing 21lb 8oz and 23lb 2oz. Luke Garner had been quietly introducing a small amount of bait throughout the week and was rewarded for his efforts by catching a 26lb 11oz common carp together with a smaller fish of around 13lbs.