Alan pleads with fish to leave him alone!

The hot weather in the early part of the week caused Alan Bates to seek a swim with some shade at Gingerbread Lake and so he opted for ‘The Fridge’, a swim which is notoriously cool for most of the day. Tench and bream had been spawning in different areas of the lake for much of the week. He decided to fish on sweetcorn in the margins but did not realize there were spawning and feeding fish in his swim. During his first night, he got no rest with run after run landing 30 bream weighing over 250lbs. All his fish averaged between 8 and 9lbs and were like peas in a pod. His second night confirmed the shoal had not moved as he landed a further nine fish. Chris Tysoe continued to take carp from off the surface catching a couple to upper 20s whilst fishing in the channel area. Clint Walters caught carp weighing 32lbs and 28lbs fishing overnight on the south bank of the lake. Kevin Gormley followed up his previous capture of ‘Cluster’ by catching a whopping 9lb 5oz tench. Fraser Hayden caught three small eels fishing underneath an overhanging bush using mussels as bait but then switched to corn to get some rest. In the early morning, his right-hand rod rattled off and Fraser went on to land a 21lb 12oz mirror carp. Fraser was primarily seeking the lake’s tench and was using only 9lb b.s. line, a size 10 hook and 10mm Peach and Mango boilies.

Pete Housden landed a spectacular looking 23lb 14oz fully-scaled mirror carp whilst fishing at Swan Lake in addition to a 27lb 2oz common carp (reported last week) and two other big mirrors weighing 21lb 8oz and 23lb 2oz. Luke Garner had been quietly introducing a small amount of bait throughout the week and was rewarded for his efforts by catching a 26lb 11oz common carp together with a smaller fish of around 13lbs.

Members are reminded that the Club does not allow the sacking of fish. This is of particular relevance during hot weather when fish can become distressed through lack of oxygen. All fish should be returned to the water as soon as possible after catching them.