Changeable weather conditions help to get the fish moving

Tench and carp were spawning again at Gingerbread Lake in the early part of the week but showed some interest in feeding. Michael Cooney caught eight bream and four mirror carp including a new personal best. His carp weighed 12lbs, 28lb 2oz, 28lb 8oz and 31lb 8oz. Andy Page has still to open his account with the lake’s carp but is not complaining as he recently caught a 10lb tench together with a couple of bream. John Murphy landed seven bream to 9lbs during a daytime visit and Kevin Webb fishing alongside him caught a 6lb tench too. Ian Warner caught three carp including one over 20lbs.

It was a similar scene at Swan Lake where carp put on a spectacular display whilst spawning in the margins. Earlier, Pete Housden had caught three carp with the best topping 20lbs. He returned for a mid-week session but suffered from line bites as the spawning fish muscled their way through his swim. However, one of the fish stopped to pick up his boilies, a 15lb mirror carp. Brad Curtis landed a 15lb 3oz common carp using a popped up boilie on a zig rig.

Ross Hallybone enjoyed a manic day’s fishing at McGregor Lake catching over a dozen fish during a daytime session. Conor Young fished during an evening after school and caught a 7lb 8oz mirror carp within half an hour of setting up. The sport continued throughout the evening and Conor went on to land four fish whilst dropping the same number along the way. All his fish weighed between 7 and 8lbs.

Fraser Hayden returned for another session on the River Ivel using a centre pin reel and stick float baited with small pieces of bread. Fraser enjoyed some terrific sport taking four chub to 5lb 4oz interspersed with some nice dace in the 3-5oz range. Fraser commented that he has seldom found the river to be in such perfect condition at this time of the year. Also, there seems to be a resurgence of the dace population along the whole length of the river providing a welcome alternative species to fish for.

It is hoped that it will be able to open Grace Lake for fishing shortly when necessary swim repair work has been completed.