Rain mars opening of new fishery

Torrential rain in the early part of the week caused a nearby brook to overflow into Grace Lake raising the water level by well over a metre submerging swims and pathways. Although the level is now receding, it will probably take a couple of weeks before the venue is fishable on safety grounds.

Fraser Hayden was keen to get back on the rivers for the start of the new season and so made his way to a BHAA controlled stretch of the Ivel near Tempsford. He found the river to be fast flowing due to the recent heavy rains and so decided to fish on fishmeal boilies close to the bank. Fraser had a cracking day’s sport landing 5 good-sized chub, 2 over 3lbs, 2 over 4lbs and a 5lb specimen.

Anglers fishing McGregor Lake have been enjoying good catches of bream and carp with the latter going into mid-doubles. The fish seem to feed more avidly on overcast days and throughout the night when bite alarms have been going off at regular intervals.
Also, anglers who have been float-fishing in the margins have caught silver fish throughout the day and even hooking the odd sizable carp. Robert Livock caught a nice 7lb tench and carp to 13lbs during the week.

Mick Day found the temperature a bit on the low side and so decided to have another session after pike at Swan Lake. It turned out to be a wise decision for Mick as he went on to catch a 19lb 12oz specimen. He is sure it was the same fish he caught on a previous visit when it topped the scales at just over 19lbs.

The Links Pool has been attracting considerable interest as a number of big carp have been spotted and caught including a couple over 30lbs. Tench and bream have been observed too and it may be that some of these fish have moved across from Gingerbread Lake in the recent floods.