Grace Lake to open for fishing on 30th July

The Association has finally been able to complete the work at Grace Lake with the creation of permanent swims and a pathway around the lake. The lake has been stocked with crucian carp, tench and silver fish and should provide a challenging venue as weed growth is plentiful at the moment so dragging of many of the swims is necessary. A less weedy alternative is Grace Pool which holds a good number of silver fish but is deeper and relatively weed free. There is ample parking on the concrete road at the side of the lake but vehicles should not be driven around the lake or on to the former gravel company workings. Instead, members are asked to walk the small distance to swims from the car park.

A new member, Trevor Frisby, got off to a flyer at the Links Pool by catching a 29lb 5oz mirror and two bream on his first ever visit. This water, although small, can be extremely challenging as most of the lake’s carp stick close to thick beds of lilies and seem reluctant to pick up anglers’ bait for much of the time.

Conor Young fished overnight at Swan Lake where he was able to up his personal best carp by catching an 18lb 8oz mirror. He caught and landed the fish just before dawn after earlier catching a 9lb bream. Members will find vehicular access to the swims has been greatly improved as the track and carp parking areas have been resurfaced. A few tench have been spotted in the lake which were not stocked by the Association. If anyone catches one, please inform Anthony Pogmore, Membership Secretary, as we would like to know their sizes.

Martin Crouch fished overnight at McGregor Lake catching 13 bream using dead red maggots as bait. Maggots were proving to be effective bait during the daytime too with anglers picking up plenty of silver fish from the margins on float tackle. Carp to around 15lbs were caught too but fish seem to be getting more difficult to catch probably due to angling pressure. The low lying area between Swan and McGregor Lakes has been built up so members should be able to access the far side of the lake in their vehicles with confidence. Also, it is planned during the coming week to cut the vegetation on the railway side and around the far side of the lake to improve access.

More hogging has still to be delivered to Gingerbread Lake to repair and improve the track around the lake and on to the Links Pool. Members are asked to be patient until this work has been done and not to try to drive vehicles beyond two-bar bay. It is disappointing that some anglers have continued to run the gauntlet getting their vehicles stuck, worsening the track still further and using timber intended for swim building to extricate their vehicles. Please walk to the swims beyond two-bar bay for the time being.