New members off to flyers!

Harrison Seymour joined BHAA for the first time and decided to start off the new season at the Links Pool. He went to the pool the previous evening with his friend Kieran and and prebaited a swim with Cell boilies. The next day he was taken to the water by his dad who stayed with him until he was about to go to work at 8.30am. Harrison fished with a plum flavoured pop-up boilie on one rod and a toffee flavoured pop-up on his other rod and kept introducing Cell freebies every five or so minutes. His alarms kept registering bleeps indicating that there were fish active in his swim. He was just saying goodbye to his dad when his right hand rod screamed off. Harrison struck and knew he had hooked a big carp that frantically tried to make for some nearby rushes. He managed to keep it out of them and, after a hectic 10 minute fight, netted the fish himself as his dad had gone to seek help from some other anglers fishing nearby. The fish was weighed and photographed and tipped the scales at exactly 30lbs, a new personal best for the angler.

Another new member, Daryl Close, opted to fish the River Ivel which has been in great condition following the recent wet weather. Daryl’s first visit to the river produced a 5lb 2oz chub for him and he returned again a couple of days later to catch four more big chub weighing 5lb 4oz, 5lb 5oz, 5lb 8oz and 5lb 10oz all using boilies as bait. The next week, he returned to the river for an evening session and had another great catch comprised of a 6lb 6oz chub, a 5lb 4oz chub (a repeat capture) and, at sunset, a super 14lb 19oz barbel. Adam Pinfold was keen to get back on the river to try to catch a barbel too but could not get a bite from one so he decided to move to one of his ‘banker’ chub swims. His first cast there brought a tiny knock which he struck at and was into a strong fish. The fish was eventually netted and turned out to be a 9lb barbel. His second and third casts brought two more super fish in the form of a 2lb 1oz perch and a 5lb 2oz chub all in gret condition. Alan Wilkie visited a swim which produced a big chub for him during the previous season and caught the same fish for the third time weighing 5lb 14oz using cheese paste. He went on to catch five big perch on lobworms including fish weighing 2lb 1oz and 2lb 3oz. He returned to the river on another day and went to a little fished stretch from where he tempted a cracking 6lb 12oz chub using ledgered flake.

The freak weather has triggered off an explosion in weed growth at Gingerbread Lake restricting casting in several swims but, needless to say, many of the lake’s big carp have sought the sanctuary the weed provides. Board member Mick Usher fished overnight in a weedy part of the lake to take two 20lb plus mirrors and Scott Parkin also caught a 20lb mirror and a super 29lb common carp margin fishing. John Murphy opted for the less weedy factory bay where he enjoyed plenty of action from bream catching five fish during the daytime but his day was made when he landed a whopping 8lb tench.

Much of the action at McGregor Lake has been taking place in the late afternoon and evening after the brightness of the sun has diminished. ConorYoung fished an evening session and was about to pack up when he had a screaming run that resulted in an 8lb 8oz mirror. He was able to treat a small amount of damage he noticed to the fish’s flank for which this young angler should be commended. All anglers are encouraged to carry carp care kits so that damaged fish can receive immediate treatment. Membership Secretary Anthony Pogmore could not but a bite until late in the afternoon when he had two runs out of the blue resulting in a couple of single-figured mirrors. Both fish fell to chocolate orange flavoured boilies. There were still plenty of silver fish being taken on float tackle by anglers fishing the popular swims on the road bank.

Members will be pleased to learn that repair work is shortly to be undertaken on the tracks at Gingerbread Lake and at the Sandy Lakes complex. However, they should still take care when driving around the lakes as the constant rain is preventing the ground from drying out. However, the far side of McGregor Lake can be easily reached if vehicles are driven around the far end of the lake as the short cut remains very dodgy. Also, more news will be given regarding the opening of Grace Lake next week.