Tench and bream are feeding at Gingerbread Lake

Carp fishing has been slow at Gingerbread Lake with fish enjoying the sanctuary of the dense weed that has grown up in parts of the lake in recent weeks. However, tench and bream captures have been on the increase with fish happy to feed in the less weedy areas of the lake. Colin Burge fished in the deep water where he landed 9 bream in a session. Although he did not weigh any of his fish, he said that they were all good-sized fish up to 8 or 9lbs. Barry Fox fished in the factory bay landing two tench, the best weighing 7lb 12oz. His fishing partner, Harold Hunt also caught a nice tench fishing in an adjacent swim.

Anglers are becoming increasingly excited about the Links Pool where some big carp have been spotted moving in and out of the lily and reed beds.

A new member, John Harvey, went with his son, Bay, to McGregor Lake. In two short evening sessions, the two anglers caught 4 carp to 13lbs. John reckons his son is now hooked on fishing and they are looking forward to many more trips in the future. Other anglers continue to pick up the odd carp or bream but the generally bright conditions throughout much of the day have put fish off feeding for much of the time.

A major working party is planned to complete outstanding tasks at Grace Lake on the 28th and 29th July so that the lake can be opened for fishing thereafter. Anyone wishing to help with the work is welcome to come along.

Members fishing at Lavendon and Harrold are asked to use the improved parking facilities there. At Lavendon, members should park their vehicles in the fenced area behind the entrance gate and at Harrold there is a dedicated car park in the meadow beyond the gate at the end of the track. Please do not leave vehicles blocking the tracks and keep off the arable fields at all times.

It is with sadness that we have learned of the recent loss of one of the Association’s life members, George Ball, who passed away recently. George was an active member of the former Biggleswade AC’s match fishing scene for many years winning numerous cups and shields during this time. When BHAA was formed, George became a committee member and also ran the match fishing section for a time when it was still active. He loved his river fishing and, at one match, he hooked and landed a monster chub of 7lbs from the mill pool at Sandy. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.