Whose been munching all those boilies?

Dan Beedle baited a swim at Gingerbread Lake with boilies and then fished pop-ups over the top of them. In the first morning of his visit, he caught a 24lb common carp and then fished overnight before hooking another carp. After a short fight close in, Dan slipped his landing net under the lake’s most celebrated fish, ‘Cluster’ weighing in at 44lbs 12oz. The fish was returned to the water after taking a couple of quick photographs and swam off strongly. John Murphy found himself catching bream soon after casting out and went on to land 9 fish plus a nice looking tench whilst other anglers fishing nearby struggled for bites. Forecast of yet more wet weather caused Kevin Webb to choose a swim with the wind at his back. It turned out to be a good choice for Kevin as he went on to catch three tench, the best weighing 7lb 12oz. All the fish dived into nearby weed beds around which they were feeding.

Nigel Cleaver fished overnight at Swan Lake and went on to catch four mirror carp to 17lbs using CC Moore’s Live boilies as bait.

There has been plenty of action from carp at McGregor Lake with the fish being particularly active at night and anglers enjoying multiple catches. However, anglers fishing short day sessions were also catching the odd carp or two usually before the sun gets two high or when it starts to set in the late afternoons.

Daryl Close continued with his purple patch fishing on the River Ivel during a short evening session. Daryl caught no fewer than 9 chub with 4 over 4lbs, 3 over 5lbs and two 6 pounders, the best weighing 6lb 1oz. His catch would have been even more spectacular if he had not lost another four fish plus a big barbel.

Provided the inclement weather eases off a bit, it is planned to open Grace Lake for fishing at the end of this month. A few swims still need to be built and the bank reinforced to prevent further flooding.

The track at the Sandy Lakes fishery has been leveled eradicating all of the deep potholes. Members are asked to still drive slowly though to prevent breaking up the surface. It is hoped that the track to the far side of McGregor Lake and alongside Swan Lake will be improved if time permits. It is planned to repair the track around Gingerbread Lake within the next few week with about 200 tons of hogging to be delivered to the site. In the meantime, anglers are asked to exercise extreme caution when driving beyond two-bar bay where there is a danger of vehicles becoming stuck in the soft earth.