First catches from Grace Lake

Simon Carr, proprietor of Walker’s Pitch, took his young son with him to BHAA’s newly-opened fishery, Grace Lake. They found a swim that had been previously dragged and opted to float fish close to the margins. Simon said they were well pleased to catch three good-sized tench in quick succession to just under 4lbs and even had fish rolling in the swim for much of the time. Members wishing to fish this venue are reminded that it is heavily weeded so dragging of swims is desirable.

Ian Fisher made only his second day trip of the season to Gingerbread Lake where he caught a cracking looking 22lb mirror, a short deep bodied fish.

Few anglers have visited Swan Lake during the week but they have missed the spectacle of dozens of the lake’s resident carp basking in the warm sunny weather. Carl Franklin decided to margin fish with cockles but ended up catching the lake’s resident terrapin ‘Terry’! It was quickly unhooked and returned to the lake.

New members Craig and Nadine Garwood have only recently joined BHAA but are more than satisfied with their results catching several good-sized carp. Craig commented that they had caught more fish in the last three months than in four years fishing at other local waters. Another new member Roger Jones wanted to encourage his brother back into fishing and brought him as a guest to McGregor Lake to see if they could catch one of the many carp therein. His choice of venue was vindicated when his brother went on to catch a 10lb mirror carp on a bright sunny day when bites were difficult to come by. Roger was fired up by his brother’s success and returned to the lake the next day to catch two more mirrors weighing 14lbs and 11lbs. Winston Pogmore found carp feeding in the shallows and went on to catch three mirrors, the best weighing 11lb 4oz using tuttie fruitti mini boilies sand robin red boilies as bait.

The first of the club’s Open Day’s will be held at the McGregor Lake on Saturday, the 18th of August, when new and inexperienced anglers are invited to come along and sample the fishing for a day. All tackle, baits and refreshments will be provided by the club and trained and professional coaches will be on hand to give help and guidance throughout the day. This event proved to be highly popular last year when it was first held.

A number of incidences have occurred when security gates at both Sandy and Eaton Socon have been left unlocked. Members are reminded that such actions are a breach of club rules and detrimental to fellow club members putting their tackle and vehicles at risk of theft. Please lock all gates after entry or exit.