Ladies rule at first Open Day!

The first of two Open Days was held at McGregor Lake and once again all who attended caught plenty of fish. The event was sponsored by Walker’s Pitch and the highlight of the day was four ladies fishing in adjacent swims all thoroughly enjoying both the fishing and the glorious weather. There were hot and cold drinks available throughout the day as well and crisps and other snacks too. The Environment Agency provided an aquarium so that the fish caught could be studied until the end of the day when they were all safely returned to the lake.

Rod Underwood provided details of his guest Steve Martin’s catch at McGregor Lake and that of his own. The pair fished an overnight session when Steve ended up catching 9 bream to 6lb 8oz and two carp to 14lb 8oz. Rod found himself quickly catching the lake’s carp with 3 fish caught before 11.30pm and then another 9 fish throughout the night despite losing a further five fish. Rod’s best fish was also around the 14lb mark.

Anglers fishing at Grace Lake are starting to find the fish although the crucian carp seem to be playing hard to get at the moment. Mrs Craigie from Royston caught two nice bream and some roach on her first visit to the venue and other anglers have reported success with bream too.

The dense weed beds at Gingerbread Lake seem to be providing plenty of cover for the lake’s carp but anglers have reported more in the way of success with the lake’s bream and carp that are feeding well. John Murphy caught a 7lb 4oz tench on his latest trip and a big bream despite losing another tench and bream during the day. Michael Cooney also landed a couple of tench on a recent visit, the best weighing 7lbs. Concern has been expressed at the numbers of anglers pre-baiting swims with considerable quantities of boilies whilst other anglers are trying to catch fish in close proximity. Undoubtedly, these baiting sessions are starting to have a detrimental effect on catch rates particularly as it is rthe time of year when the lake’s natural organisms are at their highest. Members are requested, therefore, to refrain from such sessions and confine their free baiting to times when they are actually fishing.

Mark Bailey fished an overnight session at Swan Lake where he caught three double-figured bream during the night. The following morning he hooked a big carp but, after playing the fish for several minutes, had the misfortune to lose it when the hook came out with the fish almost beaten.

Roger Scott fished BHAA’s stretch of the River Ouse at Harrold where he caught two tench to 4lb 8oz plus some roach and dace.

A small working party has sprayed the lilies in the Links Pool so, hopefully, they should start dying back soon. The track around Gingerbread Lake to the Links Pool is still difficult to negotiate. Although the board is anxious to repair the track in the next few weeks, members are asked to exercise extreme caution until this work is completed. Someone has been observed using an inflatable boat on Gingerbread Lake in breach of club rules. If the culprit is caught, he can expect harsh treatment by the board. The rules are there for all members to obey and are not optional. The only exceptions are when official work parties are taking place when a boat may be used, say, for spraying or snag removal purposes.