Ian lands a big bream at Gingerbread

Another lake record has been broken at Gingerbread Lake when carp angler Ian Warner caught a huge 15lb 8oz bream. There are plenty of bream around the 9-10lb mark in the lake but Ian’s fish was a relative monster setting a new lake record for the water. Kevin Gormley fished an overnight session at the lake and caught no fewer than nine fish including four tench to over 8lbs and five carp, the best weighing 27lbs. Kevin said that he caught all his fish from a small clear patch which few other anglers seem to know exists. Phill Lovesay reported catching a 28lb 8oz mirror on a recent visit whilst Ian Fisher landed two good-sized tench but was unlucky to lose a good carp.The weed in the lake is starting to die back slowly so, hopefully, more swims will become fishable in the next few weeks.

Luke Garner fished overnight at Swan Lake losing a smallish carp during the night. The weather forecast predicted heavy rain by 11am the next day so at about 10.30am Luke started to slowly pack up his tackle. He was about to wind his rods in when he had a screamer. The fish gave him a hectic fight and turned out to be a 27lb 14oz common carp. After returning the fish, Luke was able to make his exit as the heavens opened! Trevor Frisby is getting to grips with the lake and in recent visits has caught carp weighing 13lbs and 15lbs but has now added a nice 21lb 14oz mirror carp to his list of catches.

The increasing popularity of McGregor Lake has been putting pressure on the availability of swims at weekends. The fisheries officer has now strimmed much of the long island to allow access to a number of swims that had become overgrown. Members fishing the railway bank are asked not to cast beyond the centre of the lake when other anglers are fishing from the island.

Fraser Hayden decided to give the lake’s a miss instead opting to fish the rivers for ‘stripies’. Fraser caught a lovely looking 2lb 12oz perch from the River Ivel and later caught two more nice perch weighing 1lb 15oz and 1lb 14oz from the River Ouse at Tempsford. Club bailiff Ray Charter was walking along the river in Tempsford when he spotted the biggest carp he had seen in his life and even got the fish taking some bread. Fortunately for the fish, Ray did not have his fishing tackle with him.