Mega catches from the Ivel

After spending the morning after big rudd, Paul Elt decided a switch to another river was in order. Stopping off at home to pickup his dropshot lure rod and lures, Paul made his way to a BHAA-controlled stretch of the River Ivel where he found the water both low and weedy. However, by presenting the lure in small holes in the weed it was not long before he had a hit from a big perch. The fish turned out to be a whopping 4lb 12oz specimen one of the biggest ever caught from the river and setting a new p.b. for the angler. Since its capture, Paul has taken a number of perch exceeding 3lbs using the same method which interested anglers can shortly read more about on the Drennan website. Another BHAA member, Richard Callf has caught a massive 18lb 6oz barbel from the river adding to a 13 pounder caught on a previous visit.

Light was fading when Colin Kingham had a run fishing in the deep water at Gingerbread Lake. The fish turned out to be a mirror carp weighing 31lb 12oz, his second 30 from the water this season. John Harvey had a two-day session at the lake banking two fish from different swims, a 17lb common and another weighing 23lb 14oz. John said it was the finest lake that he had fished and both fish were in first class condition too.Pike have been feeding well during the week with several anglers catching fish to low doubles. PAC member John Lincoln fished on two days during the week first catching a 12lb pike and then following it up with specimens of 15lb 4oz, 17lb 6oz as well as some smaller ones. His fishing companion Mark Burley also caught pike of 8lb 8oz and 11lbs and a small jack. John said that sea dead baits accounted for all of his fish. Another angler landed an eel whilst pike fishing and then went on to land a nice double-figured pike.

Reports of some good roach catches at Swan Lake been received whilst carp and bream continue to provide sport at McGregor Lake. Tench and perch have been feeding at Grace Lake but no reports of any crucians being caught have been received. Luke Garner has been appointed as an additional bailiff at the Sandy Lakes complex. Members are asked to be respectful of all our bailiffs who perform an invaluable service for the club and its members.