Cold conditions blight catches!

One of the few anglers to get a bend in his rod was Mick Day who decided on a day’s pike fishing at Swan Lake. Mick caught two pike during the day weighing around 9lbs and 7lbs. In the early part of the week, fish appeared to be very active with roach and rudd seen breaking the surface at dawn and dusk and even the odd carp rolling in the late afternoon but this did not translate into fish caught.

The continuing wet weather has already softened the ground so members are asked to exercise caution when driving their vehicles around the lakes. If in doubt, walk the track before you drive it to assess its state as getting stuck can prove to be a costly affair. The Board is hoping to finalise arrangements for the repair of the track around Gingerbread Lake so that vehicles can be driven with confidence round it to the Links Pool. Whilst this work is being carried out, it is likely that vehicular access will be restricted so that the contractors are not hindered.

Some members have experienced problems in unlocking the gate at the Sandy Lakes Fishery. If your key does not turn the lock, try withdrawing the key slightly and then turning it. Please e-mail the Membership Secretary if you continue to experience problems as it may be necessary to change the lock.