Sport on lakes slows down

The recent frosty weather has taken its toll with few reports of any catches received. However, a new member recently fished at Swan Lake and got off to a cracking start by catching a nice 17lb pike on a popped-up dead bait.

There continues to be plenty of signs of fish activity at McGregor Lake principally at dawn and dusk when silver fish seem to be particularly active on the surface. Anglers float-fishing were enjoying some success with mainly small roach and bream. Membership Secretary Anthony Pogmore fished through the day in the hope of catching a carp without any sign of a feeding fish. He and his fishing companion Robert Livock decided they would to call it a day at 4pm but just as he started to pack up one of his alarms sounded for the first time. The fish turned out to be a smallish hard-fighting mirror carp indicating that the fish may be feeding after dark.

Ray Wyka has found Grace Lake much to his liking having caught tench and roach from it in recent visits. He fished with maggots using a slide float and reported catching a couple of perch despite missing several bites. This lake will be shortly receiving another consignment of crucian carp to further boost the stocks in this new lake.

The River Ivel looks to be getting in good condition for the winter months with increased flow and weed beds rapidly dying back.