Floods and frosts take their toll

Despite surviving the first surge of flood water relatively unscathed, Gingerbread Lake succumbed to flooding when a second surge came down the nearby River Ouse. This raised the water level in the lake by several feet and made fishing impossible for much of the past week. The flooding has also delayed plans to resurface the track around the lake but this work will be carried out as soon as possible.

It was a different story at BHAA’s Sandy Lakes complex where the recent heavy rains have had little effect apart from softening the tracks around the lakes. However, it was still possible to park in close proximity to all four lakes. Pike anglers were enjoying some sport on Swan Lake with several smallish fish caught during the week. Although no reports have been received of recent carp catches, it is known that fish have remained active at night with several fish caught.

Members will be pleased to learn that another consignment of crucian carp has been ordered for Grace Lake and plans are being finalized for a significant stocking of McGregor Lake with fast-growing mirror carp. Also, in the longer term, it is hoped to introduce some big tench into Swan Lake and some double-figured mirrors into Gingerbread Lake.