Winter Warmers!

Bailiff Pete Housden recently decided to fish overnight at BHAA’s Swan Lake and was rewarded with the capture of two big mirror carp weighing 29lbs and 22lb 12oz. Both fish fell to Innovate Baits steamies.

Robert Livock managed to fish the River Ivel at Sandy on a morning when the river was not in flood but it took nearly an hour before his rod tip registered a delicate bite. He recast and the same thing happened again with just a minor tremor. However, on his third cast his bait was taken and he struck into a powerful fish. When it was finally netted, it turned out to be a pristine 9lb 12oz common carp. He recast to the same spot and, within a few minutes, found himself playing another good fish, this time another common carp weighing 8lb 8oz. Later in the session he finally landed his intended quarry, a 4lb chub and called it a day before 1pm.

Bream were still feeding well in McGregor Lake with fish of several age groups being caught up to 5lbs although the bites were very finicky and could easily be missed. Small baits such as maggots and pellets were the order of the day.

The planned stocking of barbel into the Manor Farm stretch of the River Ouse at Lavendon has taken place with the Environment Agency introducing around 850 fish. Also, around 250 small chub were stocked into the River Ivel at Sawmills Pool in December. Christmas has come early for BHAA members!