Xmas present proves its worth!

John Cartwright was desperate to try out his Xmas present, a new centre pin reel, so he ventured out for a couple of hours to fish BHAA’s stretch of the River Ivel at Langford where he had not previously fished before. He found the river to be flowing well with a nice touch of colour. John trotted some bread through his swim and went on to catch his biggest ever chub, a 6lb 4oz beauty. After photographing, the fish was quickly returned and swam off strongly.

Fraser Hayden fished a short 2-hour session at McGregor Lake fishing from dusk into darkness. He used only one rod, ground bait feeder and particles cast regularly to the same spot. Fraser went on to catch three mirror carp weighing 2lbs, 6lbs and 11lbs and enjoyed himself so much that he intends to do it all again in the new year.