Fish continue to feed in the snow!

Mark Simmons fished on Anchor Meadow on the River Ouse at Tempsford where he enjoyed a great day’s sport despite rock bottom temperatures. Mark landed no fewer than 6 chub including 4 over 4lbs topped by a 5lb 9oz specimen. All of Mark’s fish fell to ledgered bread flake.

Thomas Finney headed down to the River Ivel near his Sandy home with the temperature already well below zero. In his first swim, he started by introducing small amounts of loose feed and then cast his float out to trot through the baited area. His float dived under on his initial trot and he was into a fish but, unfortunately, it came off. No more bites ensued so Thomas move downstream a few yards to where some of his loose feed would have ended up. His first trot brought him a chub and, over the next hour, he landed three chub to 5lbs losing the same number too. Later, he hooked a much heavier fish which was netted after a good fight and turned out to be a 6lb 2oz specimen, a new personal best for the angler. He went on land another big chub just as light was fading to finish the afternoon session with 6 chub. Thomas said most of his bites were very delicate and hard to spot with his float often just twitching in the water.

Jason Hedley and his son Corey decided to try for pike at the Sandy Lakes complex but found McGregor Lake frozen over apart from a small area at the far end of the lake. After three or four hours with no action the pair moved on to the nearby Swan Lake and between them had three takes lure fishing catching three small pike. Jason put their success down to slow retrieves as all the fish were covered in lice indicating that they had been lying dormant for some time.

Members are asked to note that permission has been given to hold a pike match on the club’s Tempsford waters on 3rd February. Only a few anglers are expected to fish so they should not inconvenience anyone else wishing to fish there on the day.

Fellow IPA club, KAAC, will be holding a Charity Evening on the 4th March in aid of the Sue Ryder Hospice when Bob Nudd MBE and Steve Ringer will be guest speakers (see poster for details).