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Gingerbread carp send pulses racing!

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Grace Lake receives a boost

Mick Broom finished his day at McGregor Lake with no fewer than six carp as runs kept coming throughout the day. He returned a couple of days later and soon caught another two carp but then the fish just stopped feeding and the bites dried up. Mick Baldwin managed to catch three bream to over 3lbs fishing with a bitter northerly wind blowing over his shoulder. Mick said that all his bites were very delicate and could easily have been missed. Robert Livock fished throughout the day on mini boilies without any action but a single run late in the afternoon brought him a nice mirror carp of about 9lbs.

Grace Lake receives a boost

In the latter part of the week, the lakes started to freeze over but it did not stop a few anglers from wetting a line. Mick Broom fished at McGregor Lake with ice on the surface but still found carp to be feeding catching both a common and a mirror carp in quick succession and losing another when his line became snagged on some broken, tethered line. A couple more carp were caught at Swan Lake too by a member fishing close to the margins.