Gingerbread carp send pulses racing!

Few anglers have ventured out carp fishing at BHAA’s Gingerbread Lake but the cold weather did little to put Scott Parkin off with spectacular results. Scott caught one of the lake’s sought after mirrors known as ‘Moonscale’ weighing a massive 42lb 8oz and followed this catch up with another big mirror of 31lb 3oz and a stockie mirror around 11lbs.

Fourteen year-old Ollie Jenkinson is rapidly gaining a reputation as a specimen hunter and on a recent trip to a BHAA-controlled stretch of the River Ivel he added to this by catching a cracking 3lb 10oz perch and a smaller one of 2lbs. Fraser Hayden fished the Tempsford Estate stretches of the lower Ivel and River Ouse to take chub weighing 4lb 11oz, 4lb 1oz, 4lbs and 3lb 12oz. Fraser adopted a roving approach baiting his swims with mashed bread and then trotting a stick float through with bread flake as bait. Jason Hedley fished on the River Ivel at Tempsford baiting three swims with 16mm boilies. His first swim drew a blank and then a move to his second swim resulted in a lost fish. However, Jason’s luck was to change when he fished his third swim hooking and landing a 4lb 12oz chub.

The cold weather made Thomas Pashley to fish for pike and so he visited Swan Lake at Sandy together with a friend. He used deadbaits to catch two pike, the best weighing 19lbs which was a new personal best for the angler.

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