Grace Lake receives a boost

Despite ice covering most of Grace Lake, a further 1200 pure crucian carp were stocked making a total of about 2000 now stocked overall. The fish were supplied by AE Fisheries and have a reputation for being both fast breeders and fast growers. They should provide some good sport as soon as temperatures rise a little as fish to over 1.5lbs have been previously caught.

In the latter part of the week, the lakes started to freeze over but it did not stop a few anglers from wetting a line. Mick Broom fished at McGregor Lake with ice on the surface but still found carp to be feeding catching both a common and a mirror carp in quick succession and losing another when his line became snagged on some broken, tethered line. A couple more carp were caught at Swan Lake too by a member fishing close to the margins.

Robert Livock fished School Meadow at Tempsford where the River Ouse was still running a little fast but quite fishable. He adopted a mobile approach moving from swim to swim trying to locate a feeding fish. His efforts were rewarded when a single bite brought him a stocky 5lb 5oz chub.