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Bream feeding at McGregor Lake

Chairman Neil Sampson ended the season fishing the club’s Willow Hay stretch of the River Ivel at Sandy. Neil did not start fishing until after 9am but still managed to catch two cracking chub, a 4lb 10oz specimen followed by another weighing 5lb 12oz. Both of his fish fell to ledgered cheese paste.

End of season bonanza

Mark Simmonds decided to finish the season fishing Tempsford Estate waters over the last three days. Mark divided his between the rivers Ouse and Ivel catching six chub, the best weighing 6lb 4oz. The big fish came from the Anchor Meadow stretch downstream of the former Anchor Hotel to the bridge over the A1 trunk road. Over the winter months, Mark has also caught chub of 5lb 12oz and 5lb 9oz fishing the Tempsford stretches of the Ouse.

Dank weather all but kills sport

Winston Pogmore was desperate to get some time as he is about to fly off to Africa in search of tiger fish and catfish as well as a bit of much needed warmth! He decided to fish on The Riddy stretch of the River Ivel where he was keen to try out a new 15’ float rod. He used float-fished maggots as bait and kept topping up his swim with a few maggots every few minutes. The first hour passed without so much as a bite but suddenly he found his rod being pulled round in his rod rest. The fish turned out to be a 3lb chub, a welcome fish on the day. He recast and resumed feeding his swim and went on to catch two more chub weighing 3lb 14oz and 5lbs exactly. Later in the week, he fished another stretch of the Ivel, High Romper at Tempsford, after failing to get a bite in the nearby River Ouse. Using the same float-fishing method, he went on catch several nice dace, a few small chub and several minnows.

Big pike is feeling a little blue!

Gary Page visited the Sandy Lakes complex for a bit of pike fishing on yet another very cold day. He float-fished a bluey deadbait which was eventually taken by a super conditioned 25lb 7oz pike. Robert Livock carp fished at McGregor Lake catching two almost identical mirror carp each weighing around 9lbs. Robert was using small boilies as bait ledgered towards one of the islands. Mick Baldwin was fishing a nearby swim ledgering maggots and caught a number of bream throughout the day.