Bream feeding at McGregor Lake

Chairman Neil Sampson ended the season fishing the club’s Willow Hay stretch of the River Ivel at Sandy. Neil did not start fishing until after 9am but still managed to catch two cracking chub, a 4lb 10oz specimen followed by another weighing 5lb 12oz. Both of his fish fell to ledgered cheese paste.

The wintery conditions have made bites hard to come by but Mick Baldwin has been enjoying some great success with big bream at McGregor Lake feeder fishing with maggots. On one day Mick caught four bream weighing a total of over 17lbs including some bonus roach and skimmers. He returned the following day to catch three more good-sized bream, the best weighing 7lb 1oz. Mick said that the bites were so finicky that he had to scale down to a single red maggot on a size 22 hook to tempt the big one into feeding. Later in the week, he caught another big bream weighing 6lb 14oz before the weather conditions convinced him to call it a day. Robert Livock caught another big bream weighing 6lb 8oz which fell to mini boilies ledgered at range.

The Club’s AGM was held during the week and was well attended. The meeting was informed of recent stockings of fish that had taken place during the past year and planned future stockings to help maintain the quality of our fisheries. The Club had maintained its membership numbers so it was pleasing to report that there were no proposals to increase membership rates in the coming year.