Dank weather all but kills sport

The miserable weather with cold temperatures and little or no wind has produced conditions far from ideal with catch reports reflecting this.

Gary Exton fished a 72 hour session in the factory bay at Gingerbread Lake where he managed to persuade one fish into feeding. It turned out to be a cracking 33lb common carp to make his stay worthwhile.

Winston Pogmore was desperate to get some time as he is about to fly off to Africa in search of tiger fish and catfish as well as a bit of much needed warmth! He decided to fish on The Riddy stretch of the River Ivel where he was keen to try out a new 15’ float rod. He used float-fished maggots as bait and kept topping up his swim with a few maggots every few minutes. The first hour passed without so much as a bite but suddenly he found his rod being pulled round in his rod rest. The fish turned out to be a 3lb chub, a welcome fish on the day. He recast and resumed feeding his swim and went on to catch two more chub weighing 3lb 14oz and 5lbs exactly. Later in the week, he fished another stretch of the Ivel, High Romper at Tempsford, after failing to get a bite in the nearby River Ouse. Using the same float-fishing method, he went on catch several nice dace, a few small chub and several minnows.

A meeting has been held with the landowners at Gingerbread Lake and permission has been given for the track repairs to proceed. These will involve construction of an improved track from the entrance gate round to the bridge by the Links Pool. It may be necessary to close the lake whilst this work is done but it should only take 2-3 days during the week. As soon as we know when the contractors will start, we will try to notify members via the website. There are no immediate plans to repair the track along the road bank which has also become rutted in places. If any members have the time, they are welcome to remove some of the hardcore from the piles by the gate and fill these ruts.

Please note that the continual wet weather has meant that tracks remain waterlogged in places with a risk of vehicles getting stuck. You are advised to carry a spade with you to help get you out in this event.

A number of complaints have been received concerning anglers using bait boats in an irresponsible manner by sending them out in front or across other anglers’ swims, dropping baited hooks into heavily weeded areas endangering the welfare of our fish, and generally using them to search for fish. Bait boats must be confined to the areas of water that constitute your fishing. If in doubt, refer to the rules set out in the membership book on this subject. Although the board has no wish to introduce a ban on bait boats, anglers using them in an irresponsible way will be disciplined.

The club will be holding its AGM at Biggleswade Rugby Club on Wednesday, the 20th of March. It is an opportunity for you to express your opinions directly to board members so that they are aware of any concerns which you might have.