Spectacular catches as temperatures continue to rise

Craig Garwood and his friend Stuart Bragg both caught carp at McGregor Lake with Craig catching mirrors weighing 10lb 8oz and 9lb 2oz whilst Stuart finished the day with a nice looking common.

Alan Wilkie confirmed his recent catches from Swan Lake as being an 18lb 6oz common carp, a 20lb 13oz mirror carp and a 10lb 9oz bream. Alan said his two carp fought long and hard as he was only using light tackle intended for bream. His son Paul visited the lake for the first time since joining the club and soon spotted a good-sized carp surface near his swim. He cast his baited rig to where the fish had risen and, within a few minutes, had a run. The fish turned out to be a 28lb 4oz mirror carp beating the only other fish he had previously caught from the lake, a 26lb common carp he caught fishing as a guest. Bailiff Dave Hallybone reported catching a 12lb bream and Terry Horne pleased to catch another big bream weighing 10lb 6oz during an overnight session. Robert Livock continued with his pike fishing exploits by catching another 6 pike, the best weighing 13lb 8oz. Winston Pogmore started off fishing for the lake’s roach but decided on a change of tack after seeing carp jumping out at the opposite end of the lake. He moved to a swim close to where the fish had been jumping and cast out a boilie in the general direction. His bait was taken by one of the carp and, after a hectic fight, Winston landed the fish which turned out to be a 22lb fully-scaled mirror. Paul Elt noticed some carp jumping on the back of a cool wind and decided to try to catch them. He lost a good fish but after a couple of hours he had another run that turned out to be from a 21lb fully-scaled mirror. After returning the fish, Paul decided to move a couple of swims to where fish were still occasionally jumping and went on to catch another 20lb carp. Fraser Hayden fished through a frosty night baiting his swim with a mixture of particles and broken boilies. During the night, Fraser went on to catch four big bream weighing 8lb 1oz, 9lb 1oz, 9lb 1oz and 9lb 2oz.

Nick ‘the Greek’ Page was keen to return to the swim at Gingerbread Lake which had produced two carp for him the previous day. It proved to be a good decision as Nick went on catch another big carp, a 32lb mirror. Mark Collins has enjoyed two frantic overnight sessions with the lake’s carp by catching a dozen fish including two over 30lbs, the best a 34lb mirror. Kevin Barrable got off the mark by catching carp weighing 16lbs and 21lbs whilst fishing in the ‘Dugout’ swim. Later, Gary Exton fished the same swim but could only catch a tench and a bream despite doing a 48 hour session demonstrating just how finicky the fish can be. Stuart Howes was the next angler to occupy the swim where he fished a one nighter. In the early morning Stuart started to get some bites that he suspected were from bream or tench but he noticed his line staying tight after one of the bites so he struck. He hooked into a big fish which turned out to be the big mirror named ‘The Lookalike’ weighing an impressive 38lb 6oz and easily recognizable by its bulbous eyes. Several other anglers all caught carp whilst they were feeding including fish to 30lbs. Kevin Webb was pleased to catch a nice 5lb tench which took a bright coloured boilie.