The thaw starts to set in!

The temperature of the water was still low at the beginning of the week so Robert Livock decided to try for pike at the Sandy Lakes complex using a small dead bait. A single run was enough to make it a memorable day for him when the fish turned out to be a 20lb pike. Pike have been spawning at the venue and feeding aggressively. One angler was winding in a jack pike of about 6lbs when it was grabbed by a much larger specimen but it decided to reject the fish after inflicting some damage.

Tom Warren broke his p.b. when he hooked and landed a common carp weighing 27lbs from the same venue. Tom was using a chod rig fished close to some dense weed beds. Fraser Hayden thought it might be timely to try for the lake’s big bream so he opted for an overnight stay. He baited sparingly because of the low water temperature and then cast out two swim feeders baited with mixed particles. In the depths of the night he had a run that turned out to be a pristine 17lb common carp.

Anglers fishing at McGregor Lake have reported catching the odd carp up to mid doubles so the prospects look good for the coming week with milder weather. Although fish have been spotted moving about at Gingerbread Lake there have been no reports of fish caught.