Bright conditions slow down action

After the previous weekends deluge of catches, sport slowed down markedly at all venues.

Ian Fisher baited a quiet corner at Gingerbread Lake that had received little attention from other anglers. He fished the swim the next day and was rewarded with the capture of a 24lb mirror carp. Later in the week, he re-visited the swim and caught a double-figured carp too. A few tench were caught during the week including a 5lb 12oz male tench by Dave Holland. Dave found bites hard to come by and very finicky. John Murphy had a surprise catch when a 13lb 5oz pike picked up his bait intended for carp.

Paul Longhurst fished an overnight session at Swan Lake catching three good-sized bream up to around double figures which he released without weighing as he was primarily after the lake’s carp. However, Paul did catch a 23lb mirror carp to round off a good night’s fishing.

Robert Livock decided to try fishing at the shallow end of McGregor Lake which is less heavily fished than the popular swims near to the small island. At first, he had no bites and was beginning to think that he may have made a wrong choice but his fears were allayed when he struck into a screaming run. He was playing the fish in when his other alarm sounded another run and he found himself playing two fish at once. He managed to net both fish which turned out to be single-figured mirrors. Later, he hooked two more carp but both got off as he was playing them in.