Yan gets the jackpot twice!

Yanis Spalis has fished at Gingerbread Lake for the past two years but openly admits that it has been a bit of a struggle to get to grips with the lake’s big carp. However, this year Yan had already banked a couple of good-sized carp but was still anxious to catch that elusive 30 pounder. He decided to fish a swim in the corner of one of the bays which was often neglected by other anglers who usually tried to bag one of the popular swims. Yan soon had carp topping in his swim despite a cold wind blowing for much of the day. It was not long before he had a good run which turned out to be a 32lb 4oz mirror, a dream fulfilled. The fish was returned after weighing and photographing but he decided to fish on as there were still signs of fish topping. Late in the afternoon, he hooked into another carp which turned out to be a 24lb common. He returned to the lake later in the week but found the swim occupied so decided to fish another swim in the channel that had been recently vacated by a night fisherman. Only a matter of minutes after casting out Yan found himself fighting another big carp. This time it turned out to be an even more impressive fish, the mirror carp named ‘Moonscale’ weighing 41lbs, and a new personal best for the angler.

A few carp have been caught at Swan Lake during the week up to low 20s whilst sport at McGregor Lake has improved with good-sized bream and roach being caught plus the odd tench up to 7lbs. The carp in McGregor Lake have been less obliging for, despite their large numbers, several anglers have failed to get any runs.


    1. Track repairs around Gingerbread Lake will take place in week commencing 3rd June and are likely to mean that the fishery will have to be closed for around three days whilst the contractors are working. There will be heavy plant and machinery on site so we cannot afford any accidents to members or to their vehicles. Once finished, we should have an all weather road that should last for many years.i>
    2. Anglers are reminded that carp must not be retained in carp sacks or keepnets and anyone found disobeying this rule will face stern disciplinary action. All carp caught should be returned to the water quickly after weighing and, if necessary, photographing.
    3. Bailiffs may require anglers with closed sided vehicles to show them the interior of their vehicles to deter the risk of fish thefts which have been prevalent in the area for many years. Anglers are asked to co-operate with this requirement to safeguard our valuable fish stocks. Anyone witnessing any suspicious activity, is asked to telephone one of the Association’s officers as soon as possible.
    4. Members are reminded that air weapons must not be brought on to our fisheries as they pose a risk to fellow anglers and to wildlife. The only persons allowed to carry firearms are our licensed cormorant control officers.