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High pressure puts the brake on sport

Despite the warm weather during the week, the prevailing high pressure seemed to have put fish off the feed for most of the week. Although another 30lb was caught by an angler fishing at Gingerbread Lake in the early part of the week, thereafter, there were few signs of fish movement. Dave Holland has struggled to find the lake’s big tench this season but, instead, has continued to pick up the odd big bream. He float-fished from a swim on the north bank of the factory bay to catch his latest bream, a fish of around 8-9lbs to add to his tally.

Big bream falls for a tiger!

David Rainbow found some old tiger nuts that needed using up so he decided to try fishing with them at Swan Lake for carp. Also, he spodded out plenty of other goodies as he wanted to get rid of more bait that had been cluttering up his freezer. A good run late in the morning produced a cracking 10lb 8oz bream that showed signs of having recently spawned. Earlier in the week, John Murphy had a single run which resulted in him catching another good-sized bream, an 8lb 4oz specimen.

Cluster is on the munch!

Mark Collins had another big catch of carp fishing at Gingerbread Lake including the mirror carp known as ‘Cluster’ weighing 43lb 14oz, a 34lb mirror and four more big carp. Later in the week, the warmer weather triggered off a spawning session but, in between their spawning activity, the carp continued to feed. Floater king Chris Tysoe was at the lake and got the carp feeding catching no fewer than five carp during the day including Cluster for the second time in a week.

Third different 40 of the year caught at Gingerbread Lake

John Murphy was getting bream bites from the moment he cast out into Gingerbread Lake but, after a heavy shower of rain, carp started topping in several areas of the lake. Soon afterwards, he had a run and struck into a fish which immediately surfaced before going down and hugging the bottom. John suspected that he was into a good fish and when netted it turned out to be the mirror nicknamed ‘The Lookalike’ weighing 42lb 4oz, the third different 40 pounder to be caught from the lake this year. Later in the week, Ian Fisher caught another cracking carp, this time a pristine 25lb common carp.