Big bream falls for a tiger!

David Rainbow found some old tiger nuts that needed using up so he decided to try fishing with them at Swan Lake for carp. Also, he spodded out plenty of other goodies as he wanted to get rid of more bait that had been cluttering up his freezer. A good run late in the morning produced a cracking 10lb 8oz bream that showed signs of having recently spawned. Earlier in the week, John Murphy had a single run which resulted in him catching another good-sized bream, an 8lb 4oz specimen.

Ryan Scotchford fished at McGregor Lake using a method feeder and went on to catch a nice 6lb 2oz tench. Another angler fishing off the long island landed two big bream around the 7lb mark. Robert Livock ended a lean spell on the lake when he banked a 9lb 8oz mirror carp in an otherwise quiet session.

The high pressure conditions experienced throughout the week certainly put carp off the feed at Gingerbread Lake after it re-opened on Friday but one angler did catch a 32lb mirror carp fishing near to the factory bay. Members will find that the track around the lake to the Links Pool has been completely upgraded with all the ruts filled. However, it is essential that vehicles are not driven fast around the lake if the surface is to last.

The recent working party at the Sandy complex has achieved a number of tasks including filling the worst of the ruts along the entrance road, improving defences against flooding on Grace Lake and installing concrete slabs to prevent gravel being washed away from some of the permanent swims. Also, members will find fencing has been installed in several areas to try to prevent vehicles being driven on to soft ground where they have caused bad rutting. Members are again asked to refrain from driving their vehicles too close to swims where the ground is almost permanently waterlogged and soft.

It is planned that New Road will be closed to traffic from 24th of June for about a week to enable roadworks to be completed for a nearby supermarket which is under construction. More information can be obtained from the Highways Agency on 01234 796197.