Cluster is on the munch!

Mark Collins had another big catch of carp fishing at Gingerbread Lake including the mirror carp known as ‘Cluster’ weighing 43lb 14oz, a 34lb mirror and four more big carp. Later in the week, the warmer weather triggered off a spawning session but, in between their spawning activity, the carp continued to feed. Floater king Chris Tysoe was at the lake and got the carp feeding catching no fewer than five carp during the day including Cluster for the second time in a week. John Harvey certainly has little problem in catching the lake’s carp too as he banked two fish during the day weighing 26lb 5oz and 12lbs. Anthony Pogmore changed his terminal tackle to chod rigs to help combat the weed which was growing fast since the water temperatures had risen. I the late morning, a screaming run resulted in a 25lb 8oz mirror which his friend Kevin Webb was on hand to net. A Denham Baits pop-up boilie was the successful bait. Keith Hoggett was pleased to catch one of the lake’s big tench during the week, a 7lb 12oz specimen. John Murphy returned to his favourite swim in the factory bay but found that bream had moved catching 5 fish to over 9lbs. He was playing one fish when he had a screamer on one of his other rods but by the time he good strike the fish had escaped.

Over the weekend, a working party has been busy reinforcing the bank at Grace Lake to prevent flood water entering from a nearby ditch, creating parking areas for use when the ground is too waterlogged to drive vehicles on and filling some of the remaining potholes on the track. During the coming week, a contractor will be laying a new track from the entrance gate around to the Links Pool. Members are asked not to drive on it at excessive speeds to prevent it becoming ruined once again.