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Thunder, Lightening and Fish!

lso, he caught an 18lb 12oz heavily scaled mirror carp to make it a worthwhile trip. Steve Curtin was pleased to get off the mark by catching a 22lb mirror carp during a recent visit.

Hot weather gets tench feeding

Lee Edmons caught one of the biggest common carp resident in Swan Lake, a 29lb specimen. It was a new personal best for Lee and fell to a floater during the hot weather.

So near but so far!

The continual hot weather saw groups of carp spawning throughout much of the week in amongst the dense weed beds at the far end of Gingerbread Lake. A 22lb mirror was little consolation for Gary Exton fishing at the lake for earlier he had hooked into one of the lake’s big carp and managed to steer it clear of the surrounding weed beds only to lose the fish at the net.

Tench on the feed at Gingerbread Lake

It was a different story at Swan Lake where there were few signs of feeding fish throughout the day. A new member, Craig Jones, fished at nearby McGregor Lake where he enjoyed a haul of three carp weighing 18lb 8oz, 18lbs and 15lb 7oz plus a small common of 4lbs.

Fraser slugs it out whilst Ian enjoys triple success

Fisheries officer Martin Crouch decided to try for the tench and crucian carp stocked into Grace Lake and went on to catch three nice tench to 4lb 10oz on float tackle. Martin said that he kept getting bites from what he suspected to be crucian carp but they were too finicky to strike into.