Fraser slugs it out whilst Ian enjoys triple success

Fish were spawning again at Gingerbread Lake during the part of the week and, thereafter, retreated to the sanctuary of the weed beds. There were few reports of fish being caught but Ian Fisher decided to fish overnight later in the week. He was pleased to catch a 16lb common carp during the night and then landed a cracking 24lb common the next morning. Later in the day, Ian added a third fish, this time it was a 26lb mirror. Gary Exton had signs of fish moving all day long in his swim but the carp showed little interest in feeding. However, during the night he caught three big tench, the best estimated to weigh close to 10lbs. A member reported sustaining a puncture driving on the newly laid track and found metal objects and some broken glass amongst the stones. Members are asked to drive slowly around the lake to avoid the risk of similar damage until the track gets more established.

On a drizzly afternoon, Fraser Hayden headed for a BHAA controlled stretch of the lower Ivel armed with a bait box full of huge black slugs. By adopting a mobile approach moving from swim to swim, Fraser went on to catch no fewer than six chub weighing between 3lb 5oz and 4lb 10oz in under two hours. He free lined the slugs using a size 4 hook tied directly to 6lb b.s. and used Vaseline on the line a few feet above the hook so he could observe bites on the floating line.

Anglers fishing at Swan Lake were few and far between probably due to the road works outside the fishery but lake regular Mike Bailey fished overnight to catch two mirrors weighing 16lbs and 18lbs. Some items of fishing tackle have been found at the lake so, if you have lost them, please contact the membership secretary. A member walking through long grass was bitten by an adder although its bite never penetrated his trousers. Members are asked to keep to the paths to avoid suffering the same fate.

Although the numbers of carp being caught at McGregor Lake have fallen in recent weeks, the average size of fish caught has markedly increased. Paul Prior reported catching an 18lb 9oz mirror carp on a recent visit confirming this trend.

Fisheries officer Martin Crouch decided to try for the tench and crucian carp stocked into Grace Lake and went on to catch three nice tench to 4lb 10oz on float tackle. Martin said that he kept getting bites from what he suspected to be crucian carp but they were too finicky to strike into.