Hot weather gets tench feeding

Lake regular Gary Exton banked a 20lb plus common carp during the week at Gingerbread Lake but suffered from line breaks caused by the razor sharp shells of zebra mussels that have moved up in the weed beds. Slawek Figura caught a couple of smallish carp around 15lbs whilst fishing overnight but enjoyed run after run from tench during the night. Several other anglers found tench to be feeding well with multiple catches reported.

Lee Edmons caught one of the biggest common carp resident in Swan Lake, a 29lb specimen. It was a new personal best for Lee and fell to a floater during the hot weather.

Tench have been feeding well at Grace Lake too with specimens up to 7lbs reported. They appear to have packed on weight since the Club stocked them only 15 months ago. Some anglers fishing the lake have under estimated the fighting power of these fish and have suffered multiple line breaks. Only the odd crucian carp has been caught though despite nearly 2000 fish being stocked.