So near but so far!

The continual hot weather saw groups of carp spawning throughout much of the week in amongst the dense weed beds at the far end of Gingerbread Lake. A 22lb mirror was little consolation for Gary Exton fishing at the lake for earlier he had hooked into one of the lake’s big carp and managed to steer it clear of the surrounding weed beds only to lose the fish at the net. Slawek ‘Figo’ Figura was well pleased to bank a 31lb mirror when he fished overnight at the lake. John Murphy managed to get into one of the popular swims where he experienced a screaming run shortly after casting out only to see his hook link break after hooking the fish. He went on to land a 19lb mirror but, like Gary, he was left thinking about the one that got away. Denham Bait Innovations proprietor Paul Rudd dragged a swim and with a friend set about catching some of the lake’s rudd. However, as nightfall approached Paul opted to revert to carp fishing. It proved to be a good move for Paul went on to catch another 30lb plus mirror carp using his company’s boilies to tempt the fish. Keith Hoggett missed out on the carp action but found tench feeding in his swim catching two fish in the 4lb bracket but then landed one of the lake’s specimens weighing 9lb 1oz. Needless to say, he was well pleased with his session’s work.