Tench on the feed at Gingerbread Lake

At the end of the previous week, the hot weather and a rainy day triggered off more spawning from carp at Gingerbread Lake with plenty of fish topping in the relative safety of the large weed beds. Del the fireman decided to fish the opposite end of the lake far from the spawning fish and other anglers. His reward was a 27lb common carp caught from a swim close to the deep water bay. Membership Secretary Anthony Pogmore fished a small bay into which a westerly breeze was pushing the warm surface water. He used Denham Baits’ ‘The Element’ boilies fished snowman style on a chod rig cast close to his near bank. The tactics worked as he went on to catch a short 21lb 8oz mirror carp. Other anglers fishing for carp still showing in the dense weed beds suffered some lost fish. Ian Fisher could not find the carp feeding this week but, instead, caught plenty of nice tench in the 3-5lb range.

It was a different story at Swan Lake where there were few signs of feeding fish throughout the day. A new member, Craig Jones, fished at nearby McGregor Lake where he enjoyed a haul of three carp weighing 18lb 8oz, 18lbs and 15lb 7oz plus a small common of 4lbs. Float anglers reported a steady stream of silver fish throughout the day. Club chairman, Neil Sampson, visited another of the lakes on the Sandy complex, Grace Lake where he hooked and lost a good tench. Neil said that the centre of this lake was alive with topping fish during his session.