Night Fever!

Almost crystal clear water at Swan Lake has made for difficult fishing conditions but head bailiff Dave Hallybone found the solution – night fishing. In two overnight sessions, Dave caught a heavily scaled 29lb mirror carp that gave him an arm-aching tussle and then had a five fish haul of bream with four of them between 10 and 12lbs and a smaller one weighing 8lb 9oz. Mark Bailey found day fishing slow too but caught a 16lb mirror during the night.

Ray Wyka has found that the carp in McGregor Lake to be more active at sunrise and sunset. In a recent early morning visit, Ray caught two mirror carp weighing 14lbs and 11lbs.

Winston Pogmore decided to try a different seafood as bait this week at Gingerbread Lake opting for cockles. He float-fished them in the margins and went on to catch a smallish eel followed by a cracking 7lb tench. Dave Holland caught tench too but their sizes ranged from 1-3lbs showing that they are breeding well in the lake. Also, he caught several nice roach on float-fished sweet corn in the factory bay. Fraser Hayden tried a float-fished tail of a lobworm and it did the trick for him when a 7lb 13oz bream gave him a classic lift method bite. Ricky Holden spotted carp basking in the weed beds and cast a floating pop-up boilie into the area. It was not long before it was taken by a 23lb mirror carp.