Prawn Cocktail!

The hot weather has seen an unprecedented amount of fish activity at Gingerbread Lake with carp showing in the weed beds and clouds of feeder bubbles around the margins. Dave Holland has been making up for lost time in pursuit of the lake’s tench and this week he added two more good-sized specimens to his tally weighing 5lb 13oz and 5lb 15oz despite losing another two fish whilst fishing in the factory bay. Later in the week, he was encouraged by Winston Pogmore to try float-fished prawns and, almost immediately, caught one of the lake’s big bream weighing around 9-10lbs. The next day it was Winston’s turn to try them and he ended up catching a good-sized eel of about 2lbs. John Murphy fished during a day of heavy thundery showers when the fish were feeding avidly. He ended up catching two tench around 6lbs each and a cracking common carp weighing 25lb 12oz. Ian Fisher found tench to have a liking for his Denham Baits boilies catching specimens of 5lbs and 6lbs. He returned later in the week but found that smaller tench around the 3lb mark had taken over his swim. Andrew Pearson caught a 31lb mirror carp whilst fishing in the factory bay and Chris Tysoe bagged no fewer than five carp to over 30lbs using his deadly floater tactics. Gary Exton banked a 16lb common carp but caught several tench during his latest visit too.

Bailiff Luke Garner and Conor Young have been fishing at Swan Lake which has only been lightly fished by other anglers. Both anglers caught carp during their stay with each experiencing runs in the early morning at the same time.