Nicky lands a p.b. mirror

A new member, Nicky Munro fished at Gingerbread Lake where he made a cracking start. He opened his account by catching a 10lb carp but later in the day went on to land a 21lb 6oz mirror, a new personal best on his first visit. Ian Fisher fished overnight catching lots of bream to 8lbs. The next day he tried floater fishing once again and soon had a 23lb 3oz scaly mirror carp on the bank to show to his fishing companion Rob Coleman. Alan Cross fished his first overnight session of the season catching two nice tench to 6lbs and a large bream. At 2.50am, his buzzer sounded another run and Alan knew immediately that he was into a good carp. When the fish was landed it turned out to be a 26lb 6oz mirror.