Silver fish put in a welcome appearance

Peter Biernis and Mike Baldwin fished an overgrown stretch of the River Ouse at Tempsford known as Campers Meadow where very few fishable swims remain. However, the duo reported a cracking day’s sport catching some big perch, qualit6y roach and dace. Anglers fishing the School and Anchor Meadow stretches of the river at Tempsford have been enjoying some great sport too catching roach and dace at almost one a cast throughout the day.

A member fishing at Gingerbread Lake reported bagging up on rudd which fed throughout the day with a fish almost every cast.

Membership Secretary Anthony Pogmore went to McGregor Lake but found the lake shrouded in dense fog. He need not have worried though for within a few minutes a screaming run produced a 13lb 4oz mirror carp for him using a snowman rig made up of a plum boilie and a robin red pop-up. Ray Wyka appeared who was fishing a nearby swim carrying a 13lb common he had just caught and then he followed that up with a 10lb mirror carp. Honours were even soon after though when Anthony caught a beautifully-conditioned 13lb 8oz common carp and then missed another screaming run. However, as soon as the sun broke through sport was over for the day. Dave Holland had a morning float-fishing one of the popular swims along the road bank and caught fish steadily throughout his session, mainly 4-6oz roach and skimmer bream. Anglers fishing at Grace Lake have been catching some of the lake’s tench too despite the bright conditions making feeding spells very short during the daytime.

Some idiot has been spreading false rumours that there has been a mass removal of fish from McGregor Lake allegedly due to illegal netting operations. A lorry was purportedly seen driving up to the lake in the dark, despite the entrance gate being locked, and carrying out netting in the dark, an almost impossible task! At first, the rumour started along the lines that all the big carp had been removed despite anglers catching carp to over 20lbs from the venue. When float anglers struggled to get bites during the recent unfavourable bright weather, this was then said to be attributable to the mysterious removal of fish. The Club want to make it clear that no fish have been removed from the lake and there are no plans to remove any in the foreseeable future, Instead, over the next few years, the Club will be embarking on a significant restocking programme to include more fish for McGregor Lake as well as for other venues. Our aim is to make all our waters top quality fisheries by ploughing back as much as possible of members’ subscriptions into restocking.