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Catches bring some autumn gold!

Anglers fishing at Gingerbread Lake have been reluctant to disclose their catches of late but a report of one angler landing no fewer than eight carp in a two day session has been received with the best fish weighing 31lbs. Ian Fisher reported catching a late season tench which tipped his scales at 8lbs.

Big chub caught from overgreen stretch

John Cartwright had a couple of hours to spare so decided to return to an overgrown stretch of the River Ivel known as Wells Meadow where, on a previous visit, he had managed to catch a personal best perch. Armed with a tin of maggots, ground bait and some prawns, he chose a swim close to where he had previously caught his big perch.

Last of the Summer wine?

Anglers fishing at McGregor Lake have found carp to be feeding during the daytime with fish often jumping out over much of the lake. Kevin Webb decided to try Denham Baits’ ‘The Element’ boilies and, within 15 minutes, he netted a nice 10lb mirror before the fish stopped feeding. Winston Pogmore went to the less popular shallow end of the lake where he caught a 12lb 2oz mirror using Richworth’s ‘Tuity Fruity’ boilies and was unlucky to lose another good fish en route to the net.

Tench galore from Grace Lake

Anthony Pogmore experienced a screaming run almost immediately after casting out but then had to watch the aforementioned duo for the rest of the day! Undeterred, he returned to the same swim the following day and caught 4 mirror carp and a common carp, the best weighing 12lb 10oz.