Last of the Summer wine?

James Moule fished overnight at Swan Lake where, within a hectic two hour session, he landed two carp and lost another big carp at the net. James’s carp were both mirrors and weighed 14lbs and 28lb 1oz.

Anglers fishing at McGregor Lake have found carp to be feeding during the daytime with fish often jumping out over much of the lake. Kevin Webb decided to try Denham Baits’ ‘The Element’ boilies and, within 15 minutes, he netted a nice 10lb mirror before the fish stopped feeding. Winston Pogmore went to the less popular shallow end of the lake where he caught a 12lb 2oz mirror using Richworth’s ‘Tuity Fruity’ boilies and was unlucky to lose another good fish en route to the net. He returned to the same swim the following day to catch a single-figured carp despite experiencing several violent bites from nervous fish. Anthony Pogmore caught a 10lb 2oz mirror carp fishing on the river side of the lake but also suffered losing a good fish after having a screaming run. Anthony was using Dynamite’s ‘Plum’ boilies. Robert Livock managed to get his favourite swim on the track side but struggled for bites for much of the day. He had already decided to pack away one of his rods when he had a screaming run on his remaining rod and ended up netting an 11lb 12oz mirror carp. Dave Holland fished into the wind catching a good mixed bag of roach and bream up to the 1lb mark. Lake regular Ray Wyka has caught both carp to double figures and sizable bream to 5lbs on most days by fishing boilies over a good helping of groundbait spodded out.

John Cartwright has spent much of the summer months fishing BHAA’s stretches of the River Ouse at Manor Farm, Lavendon and Priory Farm, Harrold when more than often he had the fisheries to himself. His average catch from the Priory stretch was between 10-15lbs, mainly gorgeous roach to nearly 1lb, perch to 8oz and small chub galore. He found that sweetcorn tipped maggot was often the bait to get the most action from. John observed that both venues had an abundance of fry which bodes well for the future. He found weed a problem on the Manor Farm stretch but still managed to regularly catch plenty of quality roach and small chub. The abundance of fry caused John to try for perch using single prawns link ledgered but this method only produced more roach. He decided to up the ante by changing to a size 2 hook baited with three large prawns.He cast the offering close to some thick reeds and, within 30 seconds, a bite registered on his 5ft lure rod. He struck and then quickly landed a nice 2lb 7oz perch, his best perch for several years. Later, he visited Wells Meadow on the River Ivel at Langford where he had to battle his way through nettles before finding a few fishable swims. Using casters as bait, John caught a pristine perch weighing just over 1lb 8oz.

Members should find the gate locks at both Sandy and Gingerbread easier to operate as a new one has been fitted at Sandy and the lock to the outer gate in Howard Road has been repaired. The cylinder lock installed by the electrical supply engineers has been tied up to take the weight off the chain attached to the club lock. Bailiffs at the Sandy Lakes complex have complained over increased fouling of swims by dog waste so people brining their dogs with them are reminded again to ensure that any waste is cleared up. Also, vehicles should not be driven into swims but left alongside the nearby track as otherwise deep rutting will occur as the land becomes more waterlogged.