Tench galore from Grace Lake

A few anglers who have been getting to know Grace Lake have been rewarded with some great catches of tench often finding themselves the only ones fishing. One member has reported catching a huge haul of tench landing no fewer than 14 fish during the day up to 6lbs in weight.

Alan Wilkie fished overnight at McGregor Lake without a run but soon after daybreak he caught a sizable bream. Thereafter, Alan had runs throughout the day landing several carp to 12lb 2oz. In an adjacent swim was another member who enjoyed similar success too and was often seen playing a fish at the same time as Alan. Anthony Pogmore experienced a screaming run almost immediately after casting out but then had to watch the aforementioned duo for the rest of the day! Undeterred, he returned to the same swim the following day and caught 4 mirror carp and a common carp, the best weighing 12lb 10oz. Later in the week, he caught two more good-sized carp weighing 12lb 12oz and 14lbs fishing a different swim. On all three days he had runs from carp within a few minutes of casting out. The fish seemed to have a liking for plum flavoured boilies using a chod rig. Ray Wyka has been catching plenty of carp and bream throughout the week fishing on Crafty Catcher boilies fished over a good helping of groundbait. A member also reported having some good sport with the lake’s skimmer bream too.

There has been a steady stream of big carp caught at Gingerbread Lake as they finally start to feed more readily on bottom-fished baits. One member reported catching all three of the lake’s sought after carp, Cluster, Moonscale and the Lookalike. Ian Fisher had to work hard for his birthday present by moving swims three times during the day. He was finally rewarded with the capture of a 22lb 8oz common carp on his birthday!