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BHAA waters to receive new stocks of fish

Pike anglers have been out in force on all of the Association’s main lakes. A 20lb specimen was reportedly caught at Swan Lake whilst McGregor Lake has produced a number of good-sized fish to 17lbs. Carp were still feeding in Swan Lake but nearly all of the action was taking place in the hours of darkness.

And here’s one I caught earlier!

A hard overnight frost greeted Robert Livock when he arrived at McGregor Lake on the Sandy Lakes complex. Nonetheless, the lake is capable of producing the odd run even in the coldest conditions. He cast his boilies out towards one of the lake’s islands and was soon getting small signs of fish activity on his bite indicators. Before long he experienced a confident run which he struck into. The fish was netted after a dogged fight and turned out to be a common carp around 10lbs. He fished on with renewed confidence but it turned out to be the only action for the day.

Gingerbread carp still feeding

The Association was saddened to here of the loss of Ron Stapleton, a keen carp angler, who has been fishing at Gingerbread Lake for several years along with his son Andy. Our sympathies go out to Andy and his family at this sad time.

Overnight frosts put a damper on sport

Despite some glorious late autumn sunshine, overnight frosts appear to have had a profound effect on the fish’s feeding habits. Barry Fox returned to Swan Lake keen to carry on with the frantic action he had enjoyed from pike the previous week. He had another take soon after casting out his dead baits but the fish dropped the bait and that virtually was the end of sport for him for the day.